Web Framework - Users Guide

NetChain Web Framework was originally designed to help web developers and graphic designers with the creation process and web sites maintenance.  As we were adding more and more functionality, the NetChain Web Framework grew beyond the scope of its original concept. Initially, we wanted just to automate some of the common tasks involved in the creation of a typical web site.

Usually all pages of the same web-site are designed in the same signature style.  Adding a new page to the site normally requires copying and pasting a set of HTML codes to each additional page for style consistency.  Our NetChain Web Framework automates this process.  You select a style and appearance for one page, then our NetChain Web Framework applies it to all pages in your web site.

Perhaps you choose various styles on different pages.  Our NetChain Web Framework can do that too.  The possibilities are limitless what you can do with our  NetChain Web Framework.

The NetChain Web Framework  can also help you with the creation of web navigation.   The web navigation, which could be a list of links, buttons, or a menu, is directly linked to all pages in the web site.  With our NetChain Web Framework we take all tedious and boring parts out of your creation process and leave you with the fun part - the creation itself.

Every time we were adding features to our system, we had only one goal in mind - to make a web master's task to maintain web sites as simple as possible.  In its current version, our NetChain Web Framework can turn any rookie into a seasoned web master virtually overnight.

Yes, it is that simple!  Forget about spending years to learn the ropes of the web-developing and design.  All you need to successfully maintain your website is a basic understanding of the control panel components.  That's all! It is as easy as sending an e-mail.  

Once you have a basic web site created, then our NetChain Web Framework will do the rest for you. 

If you need help creating a basic web-site, our certified staff provides web developing and design services. But once your web site is born and put on tracks, then you will be able to do all the enhancements and maintenance by yourself.

With the NetChain Web Framework at the heart of your web site, the sky is the limit of what you can create.  


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